The new standard in safety harnesses

The ZT Safety Harness design removes the need for groin straps, and so eliminates the damage and trauma these can cause in the event of a fall.

Zero Trauma Safety Harnesses

“Very comfortable and easy to work with. If you are working all day with harness on I would recommend this piece of kit”.
- Matt Broughton: Chubb Electronic Security Systems

Comfortable Durable Design

With low restriction to movement, and a durable comfortable design, the ZT Safety Harness leads in comfort, design and fall trauma elimination.

ZT Calf Gaiter

Only in the event of a fall, the ZT calf gaiter clenches the lower leg distributing arrest fall forces and supporting the body in a more safe seated position, reducing whiplash by an incredible 200%.

Work Restraint & Fall Arrest

Suitable for fall arrest and work restraint, the ZT Safety Harness is ideal for a range of working at height activities.

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It’s enough to make your eyes water ...

If you fall from height whilst wearing a conventional safety harness, 100% of the falling force will be directed to your groin area.

But the ZT Safety Harness range features a revolutionary design which elminates groin straps, distributing the force of the fall to the whole body, leaving you at far less risk of discomfort, or worse! ZT = Zero Trauma.

ZT’s designers have set out to create a fall arrest, or fall restraint harness, that is part of your workwear - so it’s not only easy to use but also comfortable to wear.

10 reasons to choose ZT Safety Harness

No-one should change their safety regime without good reason, so here are 10 good reasons to choose ZT Safety Harness:

  • Less risk of injury - no pressure point load to sensitive places
  • Greatly reduced risk of whiplash compared to conventional harnesses
  • No D-rings, so you can even wear it while driving
  • Suits a bigger operator - certified safe to 150 Kg
  • Easy to wear correctly - designed into your trousers or coveralls, so it can’t be put on back-to-front
  • Flexible to work with - as it’s part of the workwear
  • No need to tighten it again once it’s on
  • No loose straps or lanyards, so nothing to catch on obstacles
  • Eliminates ‘suspension trauma’ - organ and tissue damage caused by being left dangling after a fall - because the ZT pulls your legs up into a safer, seated position
  • Safety management: Operators don’t have to be encouraged to wear the ZT as it’s already part of their everyday workwear
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Now available in Australia and New Zealand.

AS/NZS 1891.1:2007 Certification, industrial fall-arrest systems and devices.

Dual Harness

Dual Harness
  • Hi-Vis Yellow Workwear
    Hi-Vis Orange Workwear
    Waist: 32” 34” 36” 38” 40” 42” 44” 46”
    Leg length: Regular or Short

Universal Harness

Dual Harness
  • Hi-Vis Yellow Workwear
    Hi-Vis Orange Workwear
    Waist: 32” 34” 36” 38” 40” 42” 44” 46”
    Leg length: Regular or Short

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Australian Sales

  • PO Box 715
    Mount Waverly
    VIC 3149, Australia
  • Phone: 03 9263 1119
  • Jill Cross
    Mobile: 0425 790 219

New Zealand Sales

  • Groundforce Industries
    2 Lucy Road
    Waiomu RD5
    Thames 3575
  • Phone: 09 947 9483
    Freecall: 0800 864 701
  • Doug Irvine (Marketing Manager)
    Mobile: 021 54 11 52

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